Book Sharing Monday: In My Tree

imageInspired by Smiling like Sunshine, who this week shared Meet Einstein, I want to share one of Polly’s favourite books.

This is In My Tree by Sara Gillingham and Lorena Siminovich. It has a little finger puppet through the holes in the centre of the pages, and this is perhaps why Polly enjoys it so much. Plus, she says and signs owl so well. “Oowloo.”

Each page has a different little creepy crawly, and one page spread also includes the stars and moon, more of Polly’s favourites. The story is simple, talking about what the little owl does in its tree, adding with a lovely spread about the little owl family (including all  of the creepy crawlies seen earlier on).


Apparently there are several more books in the series that we’ll have to check out.

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