Recipe for Excellent Burgers

My previous favourite recipe for burgers was taken from an old Red Nose Day book by Jamie Oliver, and involved parmesan, chilli, cumin and all sorts of flavourings. They were nice.

However, I have seen the light. We made some truly excellent delicious burgers this evening. Here is your recipe:




      Grind. Divide. Shape. Squash. Fry.

And you know what? They were divine.

If you want more details, I suppose I should tell you that I was extravagant and used sirloin. I chopped it into strips about 1cm thick and about 2-3cm by 4-5cm, and seasoned with salt and black pepper. It went through the mincer once, and once only. We used a metal burger press similar to this one to compress them.

They were fried in a hot pan, being very careful when flipping them, so they didn’t fall to pieces. They didn’t, by the way.

We toasted the cut sides of the burger buns in a pan. Neal melted cheddar onto his, and ate with mayo and ketchup. I put sliced tomato and chopped corriander on mine, and drizzled on some chilli sauce. They were absolutely lush. The overriding taste was excellent steak.

I have learned that excessive ingredients in a burger are just to compensate for crap supermarket mince that tastes of plastic. Never again.

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