New Years resolutions 2012

I used to always make resolutions on my birthday rather than the start of a new calendar year, but lets see what happens when I do it the traditional way.

1. I will not buy any more yarn unless I have already used two balls from my stash per new ball purchased.

2. I will continue to buy meat, fruit and veg from the market (and NOT the supermarket) wherever possible.

3. I will never again drink a whole bottle of wine myself in one night.

4. I will blog at least once a week, unless I really have nothing to say, in which case I’ll just post a photo. Probably of Polly playing with LEGO.

5. I will sort out my office and get it properly sorted for Polly by the end of the year.

6. I will frame and put up the lovely art and prints I have languishing in the loft.

7. I will ensure that three quarters of our meals have ENOUGH vegetables in them. Some are allowed to be steak and chips. Some are allowed to be biscuits and cake.

8. The bathroom will be painted. The landing and stairs will get some carpet at long last.

9. Reserved for the thing I’m sure I’ll decide is important to me later in the year.

10. Reserved for another thing that will become important to be later.

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