SGBCC Day 4 – The Blackwell Legacy

This is day four of my Lent 2013 Steam Game Back Catalogue Challenge.

Sadly, I can’t play The Blackwell Legacy. Not today. It doesn’t work with my monitor setup as when I try to do anything on the right hand side of the screen (including access the options menu) it actually clicks on the desktop and exits the game.

Oh well.

One day, perhaps, I’ll try again when I only have one monitor connected – but I have too much work on really to fart around with it at the moment.

I shall spend a little time playing some more Aquaria instead.

EDIT – I could of course just play it on my laptop.

Or so I thought. Two days of wrangling with the Steam client and Windows Update later, and I do!

This is quite timely, as another installment in Wadjet Eye Games’ Blackwell series has just been announced. I can now have a genuine opinion about whether or not I should get it beyond “ooh, that seems like a good price!”

So, I played it. It is point and clicky in that you point and click at things – to look at them or do something with/to them. But I have not come across any object hunts or convoluted puzzles as yet. I was briefly baffled by how to distract a lady playing a flute, but assumed I was missing some object or other (this is how genres can poison your logic with fluffy contrived game logic). On my way out of the area expecting to go on a pixel hunt for a mystery item, I observed how something moved, thought “ha! I wonder if…” – and lo and behold, the puzzle was solved. With real world logic. I am yet to find out if this is a sign of things to come or if I have just been eased in gently.

You play as Rosa, who appears to be an antisocial reporter for a local newspaper. Her aunt has just passed away, and she has inherited something that, thus far, she really doesn’t want. The environment is really nicely drawn. Completely pixelly, but still very evocative – Washington Square Park in particular, on day one, looks lovely.

Unless I’m missing something, you can’t pause or quit or view the options menu when you are mid-dialogue – whether scripted or chosen. This means my laptop timed out when I had to take a break, and I have no idea what it has done with my scant progress. I wanted, more than anything, to shut the damn music up. In the end I shoved the laptop in another room for a while, where it inevitably shut itself down.


But you know what, I don’t really mind if I do have to play a bit again.

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