Lenten poetry challenge: three quarters done!

How about it, I’ve got three quarters of the way through Lent and I haven’t let myself down in achieving my Lenten poetry challenge, not even once! Not yet, anyway. This was, being entirely honest, all down to the discovery of the ability to schedule posts in advance (so I could write three in a day and not worry too much about having to rush one for a while), and two very kind guest posts.

I noted, as I got a quarter of the way through, that the gender balance of the poets I was sharing was skewed significantly in favour of the female, to the point of full exclusion of the male. At the halfway point, the roster was still 100% female, though this has now changed a little. Four of the thirty poets so far are now male (two of which were in the guest posts), though I’m sure this small minority will grow a little over the next ten days.

I had intended to provide a different set of stats here, about the types of poems I’ve been sharing. It turns out that’s hard work to define, and may end up like my doomed attempt to catalogue all the tertiary sexual characteristics of our LEGO minifigures.

Maybe next time?

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