Rawr! To Argos

I have spent over a year eyeing up one particular LEGO set in Toys r Us. It’s ace.


Sadly it was only after it was taken off sale and I realised how sad I was about it that I realised I NEEDED it. Luckily Argos had one set left and we arranged for it to be delivered to our local store.

It’s a fantastic set with several given designs you can build – my favourite being the crocodile. It’s a fun and engaging build with moving parts and SNOT (studs not on top – look at the jaw).

When built, the creature has a satisfying heft and makes a vicious bite when you operate the switch on it’s back. The articulation is excellent with several joints along the back and tail. The mouth and teeth are beautiful, the claws are vicious, and the eyes are evil and ace. It looks and feels fantastically scaly. The angles to which you can tilt the head give it excellent personality. Despite the fun build, I don’t want to take it apart.

Polly loves it too:


But look what sticker Argos kindly applied to the box for us:

What? I might not think of myself as a real girl, but I’m certainly not a boy. Neither is Polly. Piss off Argos.

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