Staple Dinner from 2009

I’m posting this recipe because I mentioned it in an earlier post about pancakes and my inability to follow recipes.

Tasty dinner


Lamb cutlets, or lamb chops, with a nice seam of FAT (you could of course substitute aubergine, or perhaps even some lean lamb, whatever floats your boat)

Cherry tomatoes. Lots of them. I use a whole punnet. Are they still called punnets when they don’t have strawberries in them?

Garlic. As much as you can take. I usually use about 3 cloves.

Veg (optional). Courgette or aubergine are favourites. Red onion might be nice.

Rosemary or another herb, such as thyme, or whatever you like.

Crushed chilli, unless you don’t fancy it, which I usually don’t actually.

Balsamic vinegar, this bit is crucial, unless of course you don’t like it.

Olive oil, preferably not extra virgin, but who’s watching?

Salt & pepper. Of course I use maldon sea salt flakes and freshly crushed black pepper, but I’m a pretentious cow like that.

Vague directions

Score the fat on the meat.
Sear it in a hot pan if you want. I don’t always bother.
Bob it in an oven dish/roasting dish/suitable container
Chuck in tomatoes
Crush the garlic into the dish
Get bored of step-by-step instructions, and just put everything else in too.
Smush it around a bit so most things are covered-ish with the herbs, oil & garlic.

If you’re not sure how much balsamic to put in, use about 1.5 times what you think, then add a glug more.

Put in oven. 180ish or 200ish or whatever temperature you want to roast things at.

Take out of oven when fat is crispy tasty. Probably about half an hour. Unless I mean 40 minutes. Speaking of which, I forgot to pay attention to when I put it in the oven this evening… it may be ready now in fact.

Oh, if you want, towards the end, chuck in some black olives.

Serve with the kind of things you like to serve food with. Like a salad or potatoes or whatever. I prefer a knife and fork to be honest.


This was inspired by a sausage dish by Jamie Oliver.

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