Book sharing Monday: Tucking In!

Tucking In! is part of the Just Like Me series from Child’s Play. We have four of these books but there are plenty more.

A chunky board book with satisfying fold-out flaps, it features various animals eating their favourite foods. Under the flap is an image of a baby enjoying the same kind of food. It’s very supportive of baby-led weaning, as all of the babies behind the flaps are feeding themselves. Often very messily!

My favourite page spread is the sheep one. Here is the lamb enjoying some warm milk:


And here is the baby enjoying the same:


Polly is particularly obsessed with babies, so often doesn’t pay much attention to the animals or food unless she’s in the right mood. She’s ALWAYS in the mood for lifting the flaps to find the babies though!

This week, Smiling Like Sunshine shares The Story of Everything.

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