Back on familiar ground

I’ve always had a website – or at least I have since 1997 (or was it 1994? Let’s say 1995 for argument’s sake). I’m not sure what happened, but somewhere between LiveJournal and Facebook, my poor website just became too old and abandoned for me to even bring myself to link to it any more. Poor thing. Roughly once every 18-24 months I felt so guilty I’d go poke around, maybe give it a tiny revamp, but then immediately forget about it again.

So many times recently though, I’ve really missed having somewhere I can reliably post something longer than a couple of sentences, that isn’t too ephemeral as Livejournal strikes me to be.

So, lets try again. Please don’t expect there to be much coherence here. I’m interested in all sorts, from gaming to gardening, feminism to food, psychology to particle physics. The chances of you finding everything I say interesting are pretty slim, but hopefully every now and again there might be the odd morsel which floats your boat too.

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