Advent calendar: 19. Polly’s leg warmers

This is what happens when we go out with Polly:


Even trousers that are perfectly long enough ride up and flash flesh. It wouldn’t matter so much, but when it’s icy cold and we’ve wrapped the rest of her up so warmly it seems to defeat the point a little. So, I embarked on a project to make some leg warmers to match her lovely hat.

I used the same yarn, Cygnet Super Chunky, and 12mm needle tips on my longest circular. I used magic loop, but you could knit on dpns, or even knit straight but you’d have to think about whether you need to add extra stitches for your hem.

I cast on 14 stitches using what I think is called a cable cast on.

I divided into two for my magic loop, and then I knit two rounds in k1p1 rib. Because half of 14 is an odd number, the first set of stitches starts with a knit stitch, and the second half (after swapping needle points over in your loop) starts with a purl stitch.

Then I knit about 10 rows in stockingette (i.e. because I’m knitting in the round, I just knit and knit for ages)

Then I did another two rounds in the same k1p1 rib, and cast off.


They are very plain leg warmers. No cables, no bunching or scrunching. Just sitting there, over the bare skin between sock and trouser leg, keeping it warm. Plus it took hardly any yarn at all, I think I have enough left to crochet a chin strap onto her hat. Bonus!

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