Advent calendar: 12. Duke Nukem 3D is better than Forever

Some of the most popular searches that result in my blog relate to Duke Nukem (and/or naked strippers etc.)

This is because once upon a time I posted about my fears about the upcoming sequel. My fears were realised, and I DO NOT recommend Duke Nukem Forever. It’s purile and a bit dull. Bits of it are ok, in a vaguely nostalgic way. Oddly, the nostalgia I experienced wasn’t for Duke Nukem 3D, it was more for very early proper 3D games, like SiN and Hexen and similar. Lesser games, you may say.

Anyway – Duke Nukem 3D is much better than its more recent incarnation, to this day. And right now it’s 50% off on – at that price, you may as well.

Oh, and to help future search engine queries continue to serve up this blog, naked strippers, babes, boobs. Thank you!

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