Advent calendar: 4. RPS Sunday Papers

I love Sundays. I love them more now I don’t have to go to an awful office job – imbuing the day with a dark sense of foreboding.

One thing I love about Sundays is a long entrenched tradition of going to my parents’ for Sunday dinner – hopefully with all siblings in attendance too.

Another thing I love about Sundays is a moment spent, preferably with a cup of tea, preferably curled up on the sofa with a Polly as a hot water bottle, reading The Sunday Papers – a weekly roundup of various videogame news served up by Jim Rossignol of Rock Paper Shotgun.

There’s almost always a lovely handful of thoughtful journalism/prose/conversation/interpretive dance about one of my favourite subjects. I have to fight with myself not to just lazily tweet links to the whole lot. I usually fail.

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