Advent calendar: 3. Polly talks in her sleep

It’s true, she does, it’s the most adorable thing. Usually she says some variation of “Mama,” or “Baby.”

Once, she said “Mama, baby, balloon.”

A couple of times she has broken my heart when her little sleeping face has crumpled up, she’s let out a pained squeal, said “Baby!” and burst into tears. What on earth was she dreaming?

Today she has done two cute things in her sleep.

1. In the car seat on the way home this evening. Fast asleep. She points straight ahead and says “Mama,” as if she was asking me to look at something. In her dream.

2. In bed once we got home, she was rolling repeatedly from her back to her front. Every time she rolled, about every 20 seconds, she said a perfect “Mummy!”

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