Peace, love and good intentions: My advent calendar

Advent! Christmas! Yule! I love this time of year because it’s all about sharing fuzzy warm times with friends and family. It’s about peace and happiness, whether or not you want to believe in stories about a little boy who grew up to be an important prophet.

I was struck a couple of days ago by a deep feeling of peace, which I attribute to (this is probably going to sound really odd) both reading poetry and knitting in the same day. Bliss! It’s not often any more that I get a chance to be so self indulgent (and I shouldn’t have been, since the house is so filthy and the accounts need catching up on… but lets forget about that for a moment).

So. In the absence of an actual advent calendar, I intend to post once a day for the next either 25 or 31 days, about something that has given me a moment’s peace or a moment’s pause. It will probably be poetry or knitting. Or food. Or a small moment captured on [digital] film.

The last time I attempted to do something like this was during National Poetry Month (actually a USian event, but I can co-opt what I fancy thank you very much) – I shared a poem roughly every day – but only lasted 18 days. Lets see how long I last this time…

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