SGBCC Day seven – Cargo! – The quest for gravity

This is day seven of my Lent 2013 Steam Game Back Catalogue Challenge.

Today’s game was Cargo! The Quest for Gravity which I remember being quite excited about – perhaps because the weirdy little people and the island setting made me think of Black and White which fired off the nostalgia.

However, this happened:


Sad times.

EDIT – I fixed it on the 21st February. And had a play. This is the most absolutely bonkers thing I have ever played. You know, I’m not even sure what’s going on.

You play as quite a strange character – the engineer Flawkes, who is constantly put down as useless. Here she is:


She looks really moody. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without that bemused yet also apathetic expression on her face.

The game is all about FUN. That is, a resource generated by these weird little naked guys:



These guys generate FUN by, well, having fun. Which they do by singing songs, catching a ride on your vehicles as you ride them, and, erm, being kicked. Obviously.

There appears to be all sorts of peril for the little lemming-esque dudes – such as walking into propellers, and being squashed by penguins:


And for some reason, when they start having lots of fun, things fall from the sky – like this ice cream cart which knocked me out:


I continue to be utterly confused about what is going on.

I suspect, going forward, that a large part of the game will be vehicle construction. You are, after all, an engineer, and can construct vehicles from all sorts of bits that you find lying around or can purchase from the guardians of the island. However thus far I seem to be incapable of putting two pieces together without a blueprint to help me.

I do think I will play the game again, beyond the slightly more than an hour I put into it tonight, but it is so completely weird I’m not even sure what I’ve done so far. I just sort of… bumbled, collected, kicked, build, drove, raced, and caused some terrible disasters. And I seem to be rapidly running out of buddies.

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