Poetry Month 2012. 14: Treasure Arcade

I somehow missed this at the time, but Jon Stone, for Poetry Day 2011, wrote a sequence of poems, Treasure Arcade, on the theme of games.

The next two paragraphs are copied straight from the book, in way of explanation.


In September 1971, Galaxy Game, the earliest known coin-operated video
game, was installed at Stanford University in California. 40 years on, the UK
celebrates its National Poetry Day with the theme of ‘games’. Jon Stone wakes up
to this coincidence three days before the day in question. He’s been slowly clawing
together a sequence of 41 poems, one for every year since Galaxy Game, each
responding to a computer game released that year. He has 23 more to write and
suddenly only three nights to do it in. He decides to give it his best shot. Here
are the results.

A note on the form

These poems use an invented, as-yet-nameless poetic form consisting of one
short line and three long ones. The second line ends in a ‘fuzzy’ rhyme with
the first (ie. using the same group of consonants), the third line ends in a word
associated by sense or phrase with the last word of the second line and the fourth
line (the ‘boss’ line) contains pure or near-pure rhymes with all of the previous

Frankly, I don’t think I’ll be using the form again, since it was tougher than
Super Meat Boy.

This is the last poem in the collection:

     Portal 2

     Not spiritual
     but spirited – her Stygian stumble through the necklace of portals,
     spurred to keep tumbling on by – I don’t know. A wide open
     lens, an AI’s vitriol-spiked prattle? Knotholes she might hope on?

You can read the whole collection here.

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