Poetry Month 2012. 12: On the Day that you were Born

I haven’t got round to ordering anything from my massive Easter list yet, so don’t feel too naughty adding Kathryn Simmonds’ Sunday at the Skin Launderette.

I share with you this cheerful gem:

     On the Day that you were Born

     The angels got together and decided to create
     a dream come true.
     Sorry, no, that wasn’t you.
     On the day that you were born
     it rained incessantly.
     Three potholers were carried to their deaths
     by flashfloods in north Wales.
     In Manchester a man came home
     and set about his wife
     with woodwork tools.
     Everywhere the sky was dark by four o’clock.
     There might have been an air disaster too –
     in fact there was,
     two hundred people dropped into a field.
     No one survived.

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