Poetry Month 2012. 5: Nothing Pie

More Ian Duhig. I’ve previously shared Use Complete Sentences and Civilization.

The themes in this one are national pride (of two nations – Ireland and god’s own country, Yorkshire) and language development (see Sinead Morrissey’s Cathedral).

     Nothing Pie

     When I told my Dad that the locals called
     a dandelion an ‘Irish daisy’,
     I’d have to admit he looked disenthralled

     and soon his farts were ‘Yorkshire nightingales’,
     a dandelion a ‘Yorkshire daisy’,
     a ‘Yorkshire screwdriver’ banged in his nails,

     Tipperary invented the ‘riding’
     and ‘Nothing pie’ meant my Yorkshire pudding.
     Abide with me, Daddy. Be abiding.

     Now Owen’s asking what our garden grows,
     ‘bud’ and ‘good’ full rhymes when he says ‘budding’.
     Mam will know. I call everything a rose.

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