Lent is ending, poetry month beginning

And so, my forty poem long Lenten challenge is complete!

I’d hoped to be able to give you some pretty pie charts to tell you about the kind of poems I’ve shared, but I actually suspect nobody except myself is interested. Plus, it was hard work. Interesting work, but my actual formal knowledge about this thing called poetry is – well, absent. In case you were wondering, seven of my days in Lent featured male poets. Eight if you count Hughes – lets call it a fifth.

At the end of Lent, it’s supposed to be Easter – so why it isn’t Easter now is beyond me. What I do know, though, is that it is now April, and April is poetry month.

With that in mind, I might just keep on going with this poetry sharing malarkey. It’s been fun.

What will really be fun is receiving several packages from the PBS, as I plan to order at least a large chunk from the Easter wishlist I compiled as I went. I’m excited! You should be too, as I’m sure I’ll be sharing lots of it with you.

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