Poetry Month 14 – Rubbish at Adultery

Local poets! Yay!

It’s nice when poets are local, I somehow feel all friendly towards the poet and then inevitably like their output more. I may feature local poets for the next few days. Yes. Yes, I will.

Firstly, Sophie Hannah, who lives pretty much just up the road (if you forget where you turn corners and pretend that it is actually just one road). I don’t own enough of her poetry, and resolve to buy the rest this year. She uses a lot of fairly rigid feeling forms in her poetry – which I actually really like. Also, she’s funny and irreverent a lot of the time.

One of my favourites is Rubbish at Adultery from Pessimism for Beginners.

You’re rubbish at adultery.
I think you ought to quit.
Trouble is, at fidelity
You’re also slightly shit.
Choose one and do it properly
You stupid, stupid git.

Any poem which finishes “you stupid, stupid git.” is almost guaranteed to make me smile. I guess it’s the misandrist in me trying to get out. The same misandrist who likes Carol Ann Duffy’s Mrs Icarus and Wendy Cope’s Fireworks Poem:

Write it in fire across the night:
Some men are more or less all right

Tomorrow maybe Simon Armitage or Ian Duhig.

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