Poetry Month 13 – Coin Opera

I genuinely love this little book of poems about video games – Coin Opera.

You should buy it.

And I should write poems based on video games. I did once write one which alluded to them somewhat. Let me find it…. it’s gross, I was only 16… I don’t think I really knew how to write a poem, only a maudlin bunch of self indulgent crap.


Shading in the shadows under her eyes,
I began to forget why I came here to start with.
The game is gone and I am trapped behind
a wall I slipped through before I had substance.
But I can’t cheat any longer.

I push her hair back from her forehead
and try to read between the worry lines.
The similarities hurt and the differences
become more and more irrelevant.
But she isn’t me anymore.

Two lives begin to overlap and the reflections slip into place.
Everything I do starts to grate against my mind,
because I remember it from the first time round,
when she was she and I was me.
Before I began to slip down the same hole,
clawing at the edge trying to hold on.
I only falter when I see how badly I am doing,
and see what I’ll become.


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