Poetry Month

I learned via twitter that is is National Poetry Month. Of course like most things learned via twitter it is wise to check a little further. It is poetry month in the US, not here. However I’m celebrating anyway.

So far I have been tweeting from some poems I wanted to share with my followers. As the 140-character limit doesn’t really lend itself to sharing poetry not designed for the format, I’ve so far had to split them up into awkward chunks, or across a ridiculous number of individual tweets, or use deck.ly instead.

I have shared:

1. I had my eyes shut the whole time, from Newborn by Kate Clanchy


2. The Mirabelles by Annie Freud


(you can read this in a much more user friendly format here, second one down: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2011/jan/24/mirabelles-annie-freud-ts-eliot-prize)

3. Prayer, from Mean Time by Carol Ann Duffy


(reproduced much more faithfully here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/ni/2009/05/carol_ann_duffys_prayer.html)

4. Drunk, from Mean Time by Carol Ann Duffy


So, I suspect these links have illustrated quite well why twitter isn’t suited. I’m going to blog them now instead. Unless of course they are well suited to twitter. I can think of one, not sure if I’ll use it. Lets see what happens!

I will warn you, in this series of posts. My critique of the poems will be a bit thin. My appreciation of poetry is very inarticulate. “I like this one because I like it.”

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