LEGO Club subscription update

I previously posted about the new LEGO Club Girls magazine, and pondered what was behind the segregation and silent subscription switch.

It seems that there has been a change in position from LEGO since then, although it would seem that they are still in the decision stages.

Early calls to LEGO advised parents (or adult subscribers) that they could either opt out of the new girl magazine (going back to the original LEGO Club or LEGO Club Jr), or continue to receive the girl version. Parents who asked what would happen to the photos their daughters sent in – would they appear in the main magazine, or the girls’ magazine? LEGO reps advised that photos of girls, regardless of the magazine they subscribe to, will appear in the girls’ magazine and not the regular one. This is similar to how LEGO currently put photos of children in the “Junior” age range (up to age 6) into LEGO Club Jr, and those of older kids in the standard LEGO Club magazine. This is what I wasn’t happy about – the erasure of girls from the boys’ experience of LEGO.

More recently, callers to the LEGO Club subscription query line have been getting a different story about the publication of photos, and more importantly, have been told that they are not even sure if the LEGO Club Girls magazine will continue. It was suggested that perhaps an insert in the main magazine would be produced instead.

While it is clear that no final decision has been made, so it would be too early to declare this a success, it is encouraging to hear that LEGO are at least thinking about reconsidering their future plans.

In the meantime, all traces of the LEGO Club Girls magazine have been removed from the LEGO Club website.

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