Baby loves giraffe

A lift-the-flap animal book, like so many others, Baby Loves: Giraffe doesn’t really have a story – just a bunch of friends you meet, one per 2-page spread.

There are lots of books with mirrors in – babies love themselves after all – but this is the best quality mirror I’ve seen in a book – really clear, no distortion. I personally thought that the flaps were boring – it’s not like opening a door or moving part of the illustration – it literally is just a fold-over flap with a random pattern on it. Added to the lack of story this seemed a bit of a shame. It doesn’t seem to matter to Polly though, she’s still excited by lifting it and finding out what’s hiding underneath.

We got this at Wrose Library. It’s a new addition, and it seems Polly is the only person to have ever checked it out! Also, she now calls lions dandelions (“dananan!”)

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