Argos, LEGO and toy categorisation

I “accidentally” bought two LEGO sets today from Argos as we had a voucher. Since I “forgot” to use the voucher when I first went in, I had to go back and buy another set. What a terrible shame!

I bought one Friends set (£9.99) and one Dino (£8.99) set.

I had a mini grumble before about Argos’ categories for LEGO, so here’s an interesting update, this time about sub categories:


To boys (who, as we have discovered, are normal), LEGO is a construction toy. No arguments from me.

To girls, however, LEGO is ‘arts and crafts’. Last time I checked, neither arts nor crafts are categorised in the STEM subjects.

I’m sure this is nothing to get upset over, as it is merely a byproduct of an attempt to slot toys into preexisting categories, but this would of course be made so much simpler (and more congruent with children’s actual play habits) if the categories were not split by gender in the first place.

Silly Argos.

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